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Tell Oregon Lawmakers:

Workers Need Protection!


Without any real Workers Compensation protections, front-line sick workers in our food supply chain face an unthinkable choice: Keep working or lose their income.


These workers are more vulnerable to COVID-19, and are starting to see more contagion and more deaths.

Many workers who believe they were exposed at work don't bother applying for Workers Compensation protections because the system is set up to drastically favor the employer.  (Employer groups may say that there have not been many denials of claims, but this is only because many employees give up once they see that their claim will likely be denied.)


Oregon grocery stores with confirmed cases of COVID-19 contagion:


Known employees with COVID-19:



Oregon's labor community has repeatedly urged the State Legislature and the Governor to do what 12 other states have already done and 8 more are preparing to do: Provide an Occupational Presumption for Workers Compensation for COVID-19 (for certain workers).

Currently, front-line workers close to the food supply chain who contract COVID-19 are unlikely to be able to use their Workers Compensation coverage, since there's no good way to "prove" that they were infected at work. 


Under this policy, such workers would be eligible for coverage, unless their employer were able to show otherwise.  This means that employees who got sick were able to take time off work to get the medical attention they need and to keep from infecting others.


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