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The Oregon Labor Policy Network (OLPN) was formed to promote and advocate policies that benefit Oregonians.  Our priorities include:

  • Ensuring that jobs pay a living wage,

  • Protecting workers against management overreach and retaliation,

  • Ensuring that Oregonians have access to a safe and healthy place to call home,

  • Ensuring that workplaces are safe, healthy, and that all Oregonians have access to healthcare,

  • Preserving the right and ability of Oregonians to bargain collectively for the value of their labor,

  • Pushing back against corporate giveaways that drain our public coffers to enrich the already mega-wealthy,

  • Promoting the values of equity, inclusion, and diversity in all walks of life, particularly jobs, housing, and education, and

  • Working to support and foster the dignity of all Oregonians.

OLPN is registered as a Political Action Committee with the State of Oregon.  Seed funding was provided by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555.  Our mission is to grow a wider network of support as we continue our advocacy work.

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